Top 7 Amazing Picnic Spots To Explore In Dooars

Top 7 Amazing Picnic Spots To Explore In Dooars


A picnic can be one of the most exciting occasions where you gather with your loved ones outdoors to have fun and enjoy good food. The fresh air and enjoyment during picnics also help you enhance your mental health by building a deep social connection with other people. 

The chilly weather and calming ambiance during the winters can be the best time for picnics, where the natural beauty, dense forests, and crystal clear river streams of Dooars will uplift the entire occasion. If you want to enjoy a picnic during the upcoming winter months then you can book Dooars car rental at affordable rates. 

Let’s explore some of the most popular spots in Dooars to enjoy an amazing picnic with your friends and family. 

1. Gorubathan

Gorubathan is a small scenic town in the Kalimpong subdivision, which is just 59 km away from Siliguri. The Chel and Neora River banks are the famous picnic spots here, where one can get amazing views of the tea gardens, mountain ranges, and alpine forests. You can also arrange the picnic in the Fagu Picnic Ground which will also offer you serene natural surroundings. 

2. Murti 

Murti is an offbeat location in Dooars that enables you to cherish the pristine beauty of the rivers, hills, and valleys. The banks of the Murti River are famous picnic spots that often stay packed with tourists during winter. Despite enjoying a picnic, you can also indulge in a jungle safari here to spot some wildlife animals.

3. Lava

The nature interpretation center, stunning Buddhist monasteries, and views of Kanchenjunga are some of the things that attract tourists to Lava in Dooars. This picturesque village is also ideal for picnicking in a tranquil location. Before booking a car to reach the spot, you must compare NJP to Dooars car fare to get the best deals. 

4. Rocky Island

Rocky Island is a picturesque destination situated on the banks of the Murti River. This newly found location is packed with various natural rock formations and can be reached within 2 and half hours. The pleasant weather, pictorial views of Himalayan ranges, and clear skies during winter make it an ideal location for picnics among tourists. 

5. Rishyap

Rishyap or Rishop is a small quaint village near Lava, which is blessed with thrilling trekking routes, national parks, and pine forests. The scenic beauty of the Neora Valley National Park and the views of Kanchenjunga from the Tiffindara Viewpoint make Rishyap a perfect offbeat location for a picnic in Dooars. 

6. Jayanti 

Jayanti is often called as the Queen of the Dooars due to its tranquil ambiance, mesmerizing views, and lush greenery. The famous spot for picnics in this location is near the banks of River Jayanti, which is also surrounded by the Jayanti Tea Gardens.

7. Raimatang

Raimatang picnic spot is situated near the Buxa forest, which is blessed with a perfect backdrop of lofty hills and lush green tea gardens. This forest village also offers the tourists a beautiful watchtower, where one can spot various wildlife animals and get a bird’s eye view of Buxa Tiger Reserve. 

The remote and untouched areas of Dooars make it the most popular region in North Bengal for picnics. You can hire an affordable Dooars car rental to reach your ideal location during winter for a comfortable and memorable picnic to fade away your stress and worries. 

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