Siliguri to Sikkim A Road Trip to Remember

Siliguri to Sikkim A Road Trip to Remember


Sikkim is a place of meditative, mural filled traditional culture of Tibetan Buddhism coexisting with Hindu shrines with Nepali community.It’s a state that anyone can fall in love with. The hassle-free and clean roads, warm hearted people and its never-ending beauty in its attractions calls for a road trip. Book the Bagdogra car rental service and experience an unforgettable trip.

The road trip is going to be an unmatched experience as Sikkim boasts of some of the best destinations, sightseeing spots. It is also the most eco-friendly destinations of India. It boasts of the many wonders of the world. Take the road trip from Siliguri to Sikkim and unwrap the magic for yourself.


The road journey from Siliguri to Sikkim takes around 5 hours through the national highway via road. The best way is to take a road trip straight from the airport by the best Bagdogra car rental service.

The Top attractions of Sikkim

Buddha Park

Located in Ravangla, South Sikkim, it is one of the must visit places in Sikkim. The park boasts of a lush green garden and 130 feet high Buddha in the centre.

Resume Gompa

The serene site of the enlightening Buddhist preaching, you will experience a peaceful sense of divinity. It is a spiritual site and you can bond with the positive aura of the place.

Norbugang Chorten

Norbugang Chorten is a stupa located in the Geyzing subdivision of West Sikkim district in Sikkim.  A holy lake known as Kathok Lake, a serene lake, is also linked to the historicity of the place.


The tallest statue of Guru Padmasambhava in the world with a height of 135 ft built above Namchi town. It is the place where one's wishes can be fulfilled. It is located below the Tendong hill facing Namchi.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology (NIT) 

It is a Tibet museum in Gangtok, named after the 11th Chogyal of Sikkim, Sir Tashi Namgyal. This institute is not only a place of knowledge, but also a worthy visit to engage in the social and traditional history of the scenic Sikkim. It records the traces of 60 monateries.

Tsuklakhang Palace

The primary centre and an assembly hall located in Gangtok. The Buddhist palatial monastery is a large assemblage of Buddhist scriptures.

Sikkim, a place that will fulfill all the needs for a traveller and give peace. So, go on a road trip to Sikkim to enjoy the scenic beauty all over the state and experience white snow on the roads. Book the Bagdogracar rental service.

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