10 Must- Have Items for Your Sikkim Road Trip

10 Must- Have Items for Your Sikkim Road Trip

Sikkim is nestled in between Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Sikkim being vastly elevated from the sea level up to the towering hills of the Himalayas has a rich history and culture to offer to the world. Its serene natural beauty, snow-capped mountains and lush greenery are bound to capture anyone’s heart. Sikkim is a blend of Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cultural influences and the various trekking routes will make you familiar with its picturesque views and cultures. 

To explore the different scenic beauty of Sikkim you can always rely on an experienced car driver on rent. Many car rentals companies in Sikkim will take you to enjoy the mesmerising beauty of Pelling and all the other off-beat places which are located in Sikkim. 

One of the most important things that you must keep in mind before elaborately packing for your Sikkim trip is its weather along with its altitude. Some of the most important items that you need to carry during your Sikkim trip are-

1.  Warm clothes- You must carry several warm clothes for your trip to Sikkim owing to its cold weather all year round. Packing at least a set of thermals, a thick jacket and a sweater will come in handy. You must not forget to carry warm socks, beanie, gloves and mufflers which you can put on while going to visit some of the most popular sightseeing places of Sikkim.  
You can also pack good-quality trekking gear made of breathable materials if you are planning on going for a trek during your trip.

2.  Raincoats- Unpredictable rain is a common sight in Sikkim. If you are planning to visit the place during monsoon make sure to carry a raincoat or an umbrella to avoid dampening your favourite sightseeing spot. 

3.  Comfortable Shoes-  Sikkim is widely known for its stunningly beautiful treks. You get to enjoy the unforgettable view of the snow-capped mountains while you trek in the Dzongri and Goecha La. It is compulsory to pack a proper hiking shoe so that you will not face any inconvenience on the rugged ground.
If you plan to walk in the snow-clasped ground or muddy terrain carrying or renting a pair of gumboots will come in handy. To explore the terrains of Sikkim comfortably on foot you must also carry a set of waterproof shoes considering the state’s unexpected rain routines. 

4.  Water bottles-  You should always carry a portable bottle of water to keep you from feeling thirsty while you are going on your trekking trips or while visiting your favourite sightseeing spots. You can also look out for the cheapest car rental services in Sikkim and visit places which are very popular amongst tourists without having to worry about paying some high charges. 

5.  First aid kit- carrying a basic medicinal kit with you is always mandatory during any trip. Medicines such as tablets for motion sickness, fever, vomiting, headache and stomach ache are always advisable to carry while travelling especially to the mountains. If you plan to go for a trek or try out any adventure sports you must always remember to carry Band-Aids, antiseptics, sanitizers and gauge tape.

You can also consult with your doctor to prescribe you Diamax or other such medicines which can help your body to get properly adjusted with Sikkim’s lower level of energy. If you are prone to suffering from higher altitude sickness you can also get a ginger supplement or a portable canister consisting of oxygen which might give you some relief in case of emergency.

 In case of sudden cold weather carrying a compact thermal blanket will always come in handy to help you avoid hypothermia. 

6.  Power bank and charger- You must never forget to carry your phone charger as well as an extra power bank while travelling in Sikkim as it will help you to stay connected with the rest of your troupe or family members. It will also come in handy for you to store all the booking details or know about different routes. 

7.  Sunscreen- Sikkim has chilly weather primarily; however, it is advisable to carry proper sunscreen with you since sometimes the sun’s rays can be quite harsh for your delicate skin. Wearing sunglasses and thoroughly applying sunscreen to the skin will protect your eyes along with your skin and you will be able to enjoy a worry-free vacation.

Your skin might get extremely dry at a high altitude thus you also carry a good moisturiser to avoid getting chapped skin. 

8.  Necessary Documents and Cash- Some of the famous sightseeing places in Sikkim require a proper ID proof check. You must carry your passport or a driving licence along with another valid ID proof which will be needed at the time of your hotel check-ins or while visiting some top sightseeing places. 
Although there are many arms located in different areas of the State or you can easily make an online payment, it is always advisable to carry some cash along with you in case of emergency. You can keep your cash safely in any of your pants hidden pockets or a hidden section of any of your backpacks. 

9. Camera and Camera Chargers- Sikkim has a plethora of nature’s beauty. Its natural and human-made beauty captivates the hearts of many people. The Buddhist monasteries of Sikkim and their uniquely crafted architecture located in the scenic locations that are nestled by the snow-capped mountains are a picturesque view to witness. 

To capture the unparalleled view of Sikkim and keep the memories of your visit to this heavenly place always fresh in your mind, you must carry a camera with you. Sikkim is considered to be a very famous photographic place in India hence you can always try to carry an extra pair of lens and camera charger to capture each of the scenic locations. You can always charge your cameras properly while making your visits in between different towns. 

10. Toiletries- You must always remember to carry the necessary toiletries during any trip. You can always enquire about the toiletries that will be provided to you in your hotel before deciding what to pack. However packing the hairbrush, shampoo, hair gel, spray and comb might always come in handy. 
Although most hotels provide all the basic toiletries, carrying some on your own will always come in handy when you are visiting some of the remote areas. It is mandatory to carry your hair dryer considering Sikkim’s humidity and cold weather. 

Before making your most awaited trip to Sikkim always make sure to do thorough research and proper planning. Carry all the above-mentioned essentials and make your vacation extra special and worry-free. You must also look out for a good car rental company in Sikkim that will take you to the top sightseeing places of Sikkim comfortably and safely at a reasonable price.Sikkim tourism is mostly known for its hospitality, thus if you pack all your necessities all the rest of your travel-related worries will be taken care of during your trip.   

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