Discover The Mesmerizing Offbeat Destinations in Bhutan

Discover The Mesmerizing Offbeat Destinations In Bhutan


Bhutan is a loved country for many tourists because of its rich culture, colorful festivals, spectacular views of the mountain ranges, diverse wildlife, and exclusive cuisine. Along with popular places such as Paro and Thimphu, Bhutan have several destinations that are still less explored. 

Exploring the offbeat destinations in Bhutan can be extremely thrilling with a lot of beautiful sightseeing attractions but most of the places may lack available transportation services. Booking a Bhutan car rental can be the best option for you since it will guide you in discovering all the hidden corners. 
Here are some of the most famous offbeat places in Bhutan that you must explore on your next trip. 


Mongar is a beautiful offbeat destination in Bhutan, where you will surely enjoy your drive to this place through the green forests and sheer cliffs. You also get to see the colorful rhododendrons across the road which is an eye-appealing experience. 
The famous tourist attractions that you must visit in Mongar are Zhongar Dzong ruins, Kurichu dam view, Mongar Dzong, Aja Ney, integrated horticulture farm, and Jarung Khashor Chorten. 

Phobjikha Valley

Phobjikha Valley is an ideal place for adventure lovers because it is packed with some amazing trekking trails that will make your journey unforgettable. Many wildlife enthusiasts also visit this place to spot wildlife animals such as leopards, Himalayan serow, and black bears. 
While exploring this place, you can get some amazing scenic views and can also indulge in the rural life of the locals. To make your experience in Phobjikha Valley more pleasant you can book a Siliguri to Bhutan car rental from a reputed agency. 


The majestic views of the Black Mountains and deep valleys can be witnessed from Trongsa, which is a pleasant town in Bhutan. The best natural beauty can be obtained from this place and this place town also holds rich historical significance from the Wangchuck dynasty. 
Some of the must-visit attractions in Trongsa are Korphu Village, Chendebji Chorten, Trongsa Dzong, Mangdue Foot Trail, and Yutong La Pass. December and January is the best time to visit this place because during this time you can enjoy the colorful Trongsa Tsechu festival. 

Talo Village 

If you love to explore village life to get away from the busy and urbanized schedule, the Talo Village is the best place for you. This beautiful village is above a ridge from Punakha Valley where you can experience a peaceful sense of spirituality. 
It is the home of various Buddhist sacred sites such as Nobgang Lhakhang, Talo Monastery, and Nalada Buddhist Institute. While walking through this village, you can cherish the traditional Bhutanese culture along with a pleasant ambiance. 


If you’re visiting Mongar, then you must also visit Lheunste which is just 67 km from Mongar. This small town is blessed with a pleasant climate and natural beauty. Lhuntse Dzong is one of the most famous attractions here which was built in 1654 and you can see various Buddhist artifacts here. 
Bhutan is the land of happiness and visiting the various destinations here will surely leave you with a happy and calm mind. To make your trip more comfortable and stress-free, you must book a Bhutan car rental at an affordable rate. With a private car, you can explore the Eastern region of Bhutan which is packed with many beautiful and unexplored villages. 

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