Best Time To Go To Northeast India with Important Tips

Best Time To Go To Northeast India with Important Tips


Discover Northeast India at its best while road tripping with Siliguri car rental. Choose your best season to witness the uncluttered and pristine seven sisters.

Northeast India, comprising of seven sisters states such as Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, and Arunachal Pradesh, even incorporating the state of Sikkim together are the jewel of the east. The northeast region is not so much known to many as it is like the beaches and the metropolis. So, if you are seeking peace and seclusion and a break from the metropolis and the crowded beach, then ditch them all and plan your trip to the northeast.


How to go to Northeast?

Northeast is accessible by air, rail, and roadways.  If you wish for road tripping, then you can fly to Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri, or catch a train till NJP (Siliguri). Once you reach Siliguri, you can commence your journey to the east while road tripping with prompt and trusted car rent in Siliguri


A glimpse at Siliguri, the enroute and gateway to east and Hills-

Siliguri is the en route and the gateway to Northeast India. It is often called the chicken neck and is the second largest city in Northeast after Guwahati. The region is well established with road channels, making road trips possible to both major and offbeat places across the east and the rest of country. So, make your trip to northeast road tripping an ideal reality with a trusted car rental in Siliguri.

Besides being the gateway to the Northeast, it is also the only enroute that favors accessibility to Bhutan. Siliguri is also the transit base for the major hill stations like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kurseong, and Sikkim.


What is the best time to go to Northeast?

Northeast is stunningly beautiful and incredibly vast region, and there isn't any specific best time to visit Northeast India.



If you love to revel in colors of celebrations and the darling blossoms, if you wish to indulge in adventure treks amid the forests covered in flowers or go for safaris to the abode of the rhinos, then spring is the best time to visit northeast. If you are a nature lover and if you love to enjoy the best season and weather, then plan your trip to the northeast in spring.  It is the best time to witness the exotic fauna at its best and every flowering plant blooming. Witness the queen of seasons at northeast that will make you fall in love. Spring is the best time for sightseeing and covering the top destinations in the northeast with road trips, which is possible with instant and cheaper car hire in Siliguri.

Temperature: 10 degrees to 15 degrees

Weather: Pleasant

Things to do: Sightseeing in the northeast, adventure activities, photography, shopping, etc.

Tips: Carry light clothes, sunscreen. Equip yourself with full battery backup to capture the ethereal charm of the spring in the northeast.




Summer is one of the best time to visit the most coveted hill stations in the northeast.  While the rest of the country witnesses the wrath of the rising mercury and the raging summer sun, northeast caters the much-needed relief with chilly air and the moderate temperature.  Summertime in northeast favors hikes, treks, and other adventure activities as per your preferences. Unlike in the metropolis, summertime in the northeast will set you free and favors outdoor activities and plethora of adventures.

Temperature: 15degrees- 25degrees

Weather: Moderate, colder than the rest of the country!

Things to do: Sightseeing trips, short treks, adventure activities like river rafting, etc.

Tips:  Carry sunscreen, scarves, and sunglasses for the day insect repellant for the outdoor trips. However, the night-time can be cooler than expected. We recommend you to carry some light woolen clothing.




 If you wish to enjoy the magnificent seven sisters waterfalls plummeting from great heights with drizzles dripping on the realm of lush greens and rainbows, then monsoon becomes the ideal time to visit. Monsoon is also considered the offseason, thus you can get lucrative discounts on holiday packages, hotel bookings, and your quest for seclusion and solitude will be catered. Monsoon is also the best time for a laidback vacation with your loved ones. Monsoon may prohibit the accessibility to the wildlife sanctuaries and adventure trips, but it renders the best and much-needed respite in your luxury cabins, listening to the afternoon raindrops and the rustling streams nearby. 

Temperature: 12 degrees- 23 degrees

Weather: Mild and slightly cool at night

Things to do: Sightseeing tours, landscape photography, shopping, etc.

Tips: Where there is rain there should be a raincoat or an umbrella. But its okay to get drenched once in a while isn't it?  Carry insect repellant, rain-boots for the outdoor walks and sightseeing, and, the camera? That's not a question to be asked! 



What comes to your mind when you think of autumn in the northeast?  Well is all about the rustic charm, solitude, de-stressing, and a complete rejuvenation!  If you're tired of the sophistication and the hassles of the bustling city life, then shut then behind for a while and head towards the northeast. Venture on the sightseeing that will make your jaw drop! Let your stress vanish like the fall of the autumn, and embrace a new you with a healthy mind and the refreshed body and soul.  Autumn offers the best ambiance that caters to the mood of the peace seeker and the adventure freaks that wants to know of no bounds on his quest. Autumn season is definitely not the season of lush greens and full blooms, but it is the season of peacefulness and it imbues a sense of fresh start and shunning of the bygones and the things that no longer matter to our lives, exactly as the trees do to the leaves that are deemed to be shed.

Temperature: 10 degree to 19 degrees

Weather: pleasant with a slight gush of cold air that notifies the approaching winter

Things to do: Adventure activities, shopping, sightseeing, photography, etc.

Tips:  Carry light clothes for the day, and warm one for the night. Pick a good pair of shoes for trekking and hiking. Carry sleeping bags if you've planned for camping outside.  Have your sunscreen and insect repellant handy. 



If you love to see the snow-decked pristine provinces and love to witness the calmness and tranquility of the monasteries, apple orchards, sparsely populated and quaint tribal hamlets, old churches, Christmas carols, and the new year eve, then winter caters to your calls. All you need is to equip yourself with enough warm clothes and shoes.  Winter has its own charm and it imbues the sense of peacefulness, rest, and comfort.  Witness the extreme end of northeast engulfed by glittering white snow and imposing mountains dazzling proudly with a shine so divine and pristine.  You can both go out in the snow and build a snowman, or a castle. You can simply capture the snowflakes falling through your lens and cherish the moment for lifelong. 

Temperature: 10 degrees to minus 0 degrees

Weather: Colder, yet enchanting

Things to do: Sightseeing, photography, relishing cuisines, photography, etc.

Tips:  Pack woolen clothing, snow boots, warmer shoes, scarves, moisturizer, lip balm, sunglasses, jackets, coats, thermals, and the camera.


So, depending upon your preferences, you can visit northeast anytime of the year, because each season is blessed with its unique appeal. So, have a happy road tripping to northeast.

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