5 Things to Do in Bhutan to create a memorable Honeymoon

5 Things to Do in Bhutan to create a memorable Honeymoon


The honeymoon is probably the best part of your newly married life. However, the choice of a bad destination and travel plan can ruin your romantic gateway. Bhutan to its newly married visitors offers to create a romantic experience with a variety of activities that endure the years ahead. Travel to exotic destinations with affordable rental cars in Bhutan.

Explore the beauty of Bhutan along with countless options for your perfect romantic getaways. The pleasant environment and serene aura of the valleys of Bhutan offer couples an opportunity to relax and enjoy a wonderful time together. Although, Bhutan is known for its scenic beauty and exotic destinations couples can also try out various thrilling and fun activities during their honeymoon.

Some of the popular activities to try out in Bhutan for creating a memorable honeymoon.

1. Trek to Dochu La

Trekking on a track of 3.5 km while witnessing the sunrise above the Himalayan range is one of the most romantic activities to do in Bhutan. The activity will challenge both of you physically and mentally and will also deliver a feeling of happiness along the journey.

2. Witness the beauty of Bhutan

Blessed with an abundance of nature and religious sites, Bhutan is one of the most popular destinations for a romantic getaway for every couple. Surrounded by lush greenery the country showcases its tradition with unique Bhutanese architecture and Heritage sites. 

Travelling to various sightseeing locations and exploring the beauty of the Bhutanese culture will surely create a wonderful memory for your lifetime.

3. Meditating in Paro Taktsang

Your honeymoon in Bhutan is incomplete without indulging in a mediation session with your loved ones. Mediation is a part of Bhutanese culture that helps to reduce mental stress and develop physical wellness. You can also visit other sacred sites and monasteries by connecting with the best car rental in Bhutan.

4. Experience seasonal festivals

Festivals are a major part of Bhutanese Culture and enjoying it with your loved ones is the most popular activity among Couples. The festival includes various dance forms and musical events that are sure to deliver a unique experience. Paro Tshechu, Thimpu, Drubchen and Jambay Lakhang Drup are some of the most popular festivals in Bhutan.

Paro Taktsang being located in the hills of Paro with its serene aura and pleasant environment is a perfect spot for you to meditate with your partner.

5. Relish mouthwatering cuisine

Relishing the tasty dishes and unique cuisine of Bhutan is among the most exciting things to do. Most of the dishes include meat and cheese that are prepared with unique cooking methods. Ema Datshi, Dumplings, Red Rice, and Shakam Paa are among the must-try dishes of Bhutan.

Initiate your day with a cup of tea while enjoying the view of the misty mountains of Bhutan with your loved ones. Travel to some of the exotic locations for your romantic journey with affordable rental cars in Bhutan. If you and your partner are fascinated with rich wildlife and the scenic beauty of nature, Bhutan is a perfect destination for your enduring Honeymoon trip.

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