5 Exciting Things To Do In Bhutan During The Winter Season

5 Exciting Things To Do In Bhutan During The Winter Season


Bhutan is a tiny Himalayan kingdom in South Asia, which is considered the perfect winter getaway. Visiting this country will ensure a transforming journey through the clear rivers, peaceful ambiance, comfortable weather, spiritual legacy, stunning mountain ranges, and picture-perfect forests. 

If you’re planning the Bhutan trip last minute with a low budget then the winter season can be the ideal time since during this time, the country sees fewer tourists. You can book an affordable tour package and hire a Bhutan car rental to reach the country while cherishing a wonderful experience. 

Let’s explore some of the most exciting winter activities that you can do on your Bhutan trip. 

1. Enjoy Winter Festivals

Winter can be considered the best time to indulge in the vibrant festivals of Bhutan. This will enable you to understand the rich culture and heritage of the country while you witness the traditional dances, learn local crafts, and taste appetizing local cuisines. 

Some of the popular festivals during the winter season include Dochula Festival and Punakha Dromchoe. You can also attend the Trongsa winter festival to enjoy stunning folk songs, and masked dances, and communicate with the monks.

2. Relax In The Hot Springs 

Hot springs are one of the most special natural wonders in Bhutan and you can get the best experience of it during the chilling winter months. It is considered by the local people that along with a calming effect hot spring therapy also have various healing properties. 

Duenmang, Gasa, Dhur, Chuboog, and Gelephu Tshachu are some of the famous hot springs of the country. If you soak in the water of these springs then it can cure various skin diseases, tuberculosis, rheumatism, and ulcers.  

3. Witness Snow-Capped Mountain Ranges

Witnessing snowfall in the main cities of Bhutan such as Paro and Thimphu is quite rare. However, if you’re willing to experience snowfall here then you can visit the higher passes such as Chele-la and Dochu-la. 

Dochu-la Pass not only offers you a stunning view of the 108 memorial chortens covered in a white layer of snow but you can also witness the snow-capped Himalayan vistas and other mountain ranges such as Kangphugang and Jomolhari. Booking a Siliguri to Bhutan car rental by contacting a tour operator will enable you to enjoy this unforgettable experience.

4. Indulge In Thrilling Winter Treks

Another exciting activity that you can do during your winter vacation in Bhutan is to indulge in the thrilling lower-altitude treks. Nabji Korphu Trek of Trongsa is one of the most famous winter treks that take you through astonishing landscapes. 

You can also witness the all-white landscapes and views of Gangkhar Puensum during your trek through the Trans Bhutan Trail and Snowman route. The spiritual aura and energizing effect of the treks here will leave you amazed. 

5. Spot Rare Black-Necked Cranes

Black-necked cranes are endangered birds that migrate to Bhutan from Tibet. Winter season is the best time to spot these vibrant birds, which is also considered auspicious among the local people. Bomdeling Birds Sanctuary and Phobjikha Valley are the best places to spot these cranes. 

If you want to enjoy a tranquil winter vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year celebrations then you must book a Bhutan car rental to start an enriching journey to the land of happiness. You can indulge in various outdoor activities and sightseeing comfortably during this time. 

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