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Dooars-The Hidden Hamlet of Bhutan

Dooars is the gateway to Bhutan surrounded by the exotic wild natural beauty. It is a region dominated by the Nepali and Bengali community people located at the northern part of the Brahmaputra Basin. The name of this region is derived from the word 'Doors' which also means 'Dwar' as the region consists of 18 passages. Over the years Dooars has been one of the ideal destinations for the tourist in West Bengal. With the availability of fantastic facilities and scintillating attractions, tourism in Dooars region is expected to develop more in the coming years.

In 1949 Dooars became the part of the Union of India but, before that, it was the region that was ruled by Koch Dynasty, Bhutan and the British. The biodiversity and the favourable climatic condition of the Dooars region attract a large number of tourists every year. They visit Dooars during the vacation to experience the wildness of many National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary along with the sensational streams of the region. Jeep safari and elephant ride are the most popular activities loved by the tourists in Dooars.

Hotels and resort facilities at Dooars has also been another big thing tempting the visitors to stay at Dooars. Raj Bangshi, Rava, Mech, Toto, Bengali and Nepali community people live in this region. Folk dance, drama, songs and traditional musical instruments are the main part of their culture. Dashain, Tihar, Holi and Buddha Jayanti are regarded as the main festival celebrated by the people of the Dooars region.

Places to Visit

  • Gorumara National Park

  • Chapramri Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Buxa Tiger Reserve

  • Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Malbazaar & Mong Pong

  • Murti

  • Suntaleykhola & Samsing

  • Neora Valley National Park

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