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Bhutan-The "Shangri La" of Dreams and Reality

Bhutan is a beautiful South Asian landlocked country filled with amazing natural and cultural beauty. The kingdom of Bhutan is a dream destination for every traveller as there is a big influence of tourism. It is a country which has the philosophy of Gross National Happiness, it is a tranquillize land with the unbelievable richness of Mother Nature, monasteries, fortresses and dzongs along with the ancient cultural heritage and history. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and Phunetsholing is known as the main commercial centre of the nation.

The Bhutanese culture is based upon Mahayana Buddhism, many festivals are celebrated following the religion. The ancient culture and tradition of Bhutan is the most precious gem for the residents of Bhutan and they have huge respect towards their ancestors and aim to continue the traditions set by the legends of the country.

Sharchop and Dzongkha are the two main languages of Bhutan which is related to the Tibetan Language. Ema Datshi is regarded as the main national food giving enticing flavours made with untested ingredients. Ngalop, Sharchop, Lhotshampa and Bhutanese Tribals are the main ethnic groups and tshechu festival is the main carnival festival of Bhutan.

Places to Visit

  • Tiger's Nest

  • Punakha Dzong

  • National Museum of Bhutan

  • Dochu La Pass

  • Motithang Takin Reserve

  • Jigme Dorji National Park

  • Chele La Pass

  • Simply Bhutan

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